Visitor Information

Our rental properties in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, are located on the western coast of the “Big Island,” which comes by its name honestly, since Hawaii is bigger than all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined. Hawaii is believed to be the first of the islands settled by Polynesians somewhere around 500-700 AD. King Kamehameha the Great, born on the Big Island, united the islands under a single monarch in 1795. During the 1800s, Hawaii’s economy revolved around sugar cane plantations, pineapple plantations, and cattle ranching.

Surfer on Blue Ocean WaveStart your journey on the Big Island by landing at either Kona or Hilo International Airports. Hilo serves the eastern side (windward), and Kona the western coast (leeward) portion. Either airport will get you up and running but when visiting Kailau-Kona, it is best to arrive at Kona International Airport. The island has a well-maintained and intricate highway system, so navigation should not be a problem. A vacation on the Kona Coast can range from relaxing in the sun to chasing down a huge marlin. You can bike the paths along a volcano, or golf the same courses as some of the greatest golfers such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer or Phil Mickelson. If you want a view of undersea life, there are plenty of opportunities to dive and snorkel. You can even take a submarine ride and stare down a curious shark!

Surfing, hiking, and horseback riding are also available choices. Beach lovers will appreciate the many options available to them along the Kona and Kohala Coasts. Anaeho’omalu Beach (called “A Bay” by the locals) is a great spot for kayak and canoe tours. For sheer relaxation and a couple of the best swimming spots in the Islands, head north to Kauna’oa, or Hapuna Beach State Park, both of which offer prime sunbathing and have both been ranked among the best beaches in the world by Condé Nast Magazine.

History buffs will appreciate Ahu’ena Heiau. King Kamehameha began the renovation of this ancient temple. He came here to seek wisdom and guidance during the last years of his life. It was here that his son, Liholiho, met with queens Keopuolani and Ka’ahumanu and broke a longstanding kapu (edict) of not eating with women, thereby ending the old order and ushering in a new era in male/female relations in Hawaii.

If you are a coffee drinker, then you have probably heard of Kona coffee. Famous for its dark color and rich flavor, Kona coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. If you are interested in how this crop has been instrumental in shaping the economy of Hawaii, or if you just want a good cup of Joe, visit the Kona Coffee Living History Farm. The farm is a working museum that illustrates the history of Kona Coffee, and how it has been harvested since the 1930s.

Shoppers, and anyone who appreciates fine dining, should make time to visit Waikoloa and Waimea, quiet little communities known for their plentiful shopping boutiques and excellent restaurants.

For a great day trip, head south on route 11 and follow it until you reach the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Take a peek at an explosion captured on film in the Kilauea Visitor’s Center. Head down the Chain of Craters Road and look for flowing lava. Ask about the safety of hiking the trails (it changes daily), and explore the Thurston Lava Tube, the fern forests, and the other natural phenomena of the area. A vacation in Hawaii is what you make of it.

The possibilities are endless. If you want to relax in the golden sun, or do something a bit more active, the Kona Coast has every opportunity you could ask for.

Contact our staff for more information on our rental condominiums. Located in Kailua-Kona, HI, we gladly welcome visitors from around the world.